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Miscellaneous tools
Written By Ward van Wanrooij (ward@ward.nu, http://www.ward.nu)

Copyright © 2001-2005, Ward van Wanrooij

Latest version can be obtained at http://www.ward.nu/computer/tools.


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Generic Menu Application
MindMap convertor
Battery Watcher for PocketPC
Black & White Minesweeper
OmniPCX Office Expert
ush: uvscan smtp helper
NetSet: the network profiler switcher
rwhodwin: the first rwho daemon for Windows


This page contains miscellaneous applications written by me over the years. They are provided for both historical interest and fun factor, and the collection presented here may be expanded over time. In order to be notified when new releases are ready, subscribe to the mailinglist.

Note that these programs are the full, unaltered versions. They have not been translated in English, they don't have their register.doc removed, and I haven't added any web addresses to the programs. They might come without a (valid) copyright, however ALL PROGRAMS PROVIDED ON THIS PAGE ARE COPYRIGHT © 2001-2005 WARD VAN WANROOIJ <WARD@WARD.NU>. PROGRAMS ARE OFFERED AS IS, WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. REDISTRIBUTION OF THESE PROGRAMS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. IN CASE OF DOUBT ABOUT LEGAL IMPLICATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT WARD VAN WANROOIJ.

Enough legal mumbo-jumbo now, let's get on to the programs!

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Solitair+ (1996)

This is truly a 'little' gem. Being a whopping 9.875 bytes (including documentation), or 2.972 bytes compressed as ZIP (estimated download time: 0.5 seconds on a slow modem). If it wasn't for this program, I would have never remembered what I did March 23, 1996.

Screenshot (640x480, VGA), including documentation for those non-Dutch people out there

Aantal stenen Number of pawns
Nieuw New
Openen Open
Opslaan Save
Info About
Einde End

I am currently trying to locate the source code (stored on a disassembled 386 in the attic), when I do it might be made available here.

Download this little gem, binary-only

Table Of Contents

LatijnWW (1997)

At a certain point, I got tired of the homework for Classic Latin. It mainly consisted of determining the meaning(s) of a conjugated verb. So I wrote a program which returned all possible meanings of a conjugated verb. It supports both 'normal' and irregular verbs. The only thing the program need to know in order to be able to conjugate it is it's stem, and very often (for normal verbs) the program doesn't even have to know that. The program come equipped with stems of all irregular verbs and the functionaility to add additional stems.

It requires VGA, supports SoundBlaster (for audible output of meanings) and standard printers. It is quite cool, for a homework tool, actually.

For example, the conjugated verb videris returns:


And a screenshot:

Download this application

Table Of Contents

Generic Menu Application (1999)

Generic Menu Application is a Dutch shell which I developed to serve as a menu shell of a CD, distributed at the 1999 HCC Dagen. I fixed a few small bugs in 2001, and it is once again used on the HCC Dagen as a menu shell. The accompanying menu.txt explains how to customize the application.

The application has been compressed using PKLite32 Professional to prevent people hexediting the application.

And the compulsory screenshot:

Download this application

Table Of Contents

MindMapper to eMindMaps Convertor (2001)

MindJet markets several mindmapping utility, including MindMapper, and it's junior and cheaper brother eMindMaps. MindMapper can read eMindMaps files, however eMindMaps can not read MindMapper files. MindJet supplies a viewer for MindMapper, and through that application and with a little help of this tool, you can convert it to an eMindMaps file.

Steps required to open an MindMapper file in eMindMaps:


Download this application

Table Of Contents

Battery Watcher for PocketPC (2002)

Battery Watcher for PocketPC is a Today screen plug in which summarizes your primary battery's status. Although several of these programs already exist, all of them show ugly graphs, pies and bars. This simple application shows the status in text style, just like your other today items (see screenshot below for more detail). Battery Watcher is available for Compaq iPAQ only, and supports PocketPC 2000 and PocketPC 2002.

Installation procedure

  • Download the CAB installation file to your desktop computer
  • Copy the CAB installation file to your iPAQ
  • Single click the CAB file on the iPAQ, it should automatically install
  • Click Start, Settings, Today, Items, OK

Download the Battery Watcher installation file (6.5 kB)

Table Of Contents

Black & White Minesweeper (2002)

Black & White Minesweeper is my entry to the 2002 edition of The 5k Contest (www.the5k.org). The objective is to make the best/funniest/smartest/etcera website/page/applet in under 5 kilobytes (5120 bytes) total.
My entry didn't make the top but at least it scored above average.
The entry consists of a fully playable Black & White Minesweeper featuring:
-Multiple difficulty settings
-Save/load functionality
-Crossbrowser functionality (except for the graphics, at the time Mozilla didn't feature XBM support)
-An overall polished look, if I may say so
You can download both the lightly commented, indented version or the "compressed" version, which was generated using the following simple Perl script:

while(<>) {
  m!^//! && next;
  !m!</?script! && chomp;

View the colorized, lightly commented, indented version

Play the lightly commented, indented version (6770 bytes)

View/play the "compressed" version (5114 bytes)

Table Of Contents

OmniPCX Office Expert (2004)

The Alcatel OmniPCX Office PBX (also marketed as the KPN Vox Novo Office) can be managed using a proprietary PM5 application. This application can be installed in Easy or in EasyPlus mode; EasyPlus offers more configuration options than the Easy mode. However, a lot of options can not be changed in these modes (for example Voice over IP options). And since you bought the PBX, it is not really wise to pay a phonecompany service man to make these configuration changes for you. A simple circumvention of this dumbing-down can be accomplished by modifying the \targprod\aXXYYY\ini\aXXYYYu.ini file (last few sections). However, this still does not grant us access to all "Expert" options. Luckily, I compiled a DLL to enable Expert functionality. Download this binary DLL (or compile it yourself using Visual C++), and place it in \bin . Restart the PM5 application, and you can access "Expert" mode.

expert.cpp (compile using cl.exe /LD expert.cpp)
#include <windows.h>

BOOL WINAPI DllEntryPoint(HINSTANCE hinstDLL, DWORD fdwReason, LPVOID lpvReserved)
    return TRUE;

__declspec(dllexport) int ExpertDllFunc(void)
    return 1;

Default passwords (taken from here)

  • Easy: help1954
  • EasyPlus: kilo1987
  • Expert: pbxk1064

Table Of Contents

ush: uvscan smtp helper

ush is a helper application that allows uvscan to be called as a filter by ProxSMTP by Nate Nielsen. uvscan is the commandline antivirus scanner for Linux by McAfee and is licensed per server.
For more information:

This software may be distributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or (at your option) any later version.
Quick pointers to installation:
  1. Compile and install ush into /usr/local/ush. Compile using gcc -o ush ush.c
  2. Install McAfee VirusScan Command Line Scanner for Linux into /usr/local/uvscan. An evaluation version is available at http://www.nai.com/us/downloads/evals/, purchase information is available at http://www.sng.ecs.soton.ac.uk/cgi-bin/faq?_recurse=1&file=15#file_213
  3. Configure automatic hourly updates for uvscan by copying update-uvscan.cron.hourly to /etc/cron.hourly
  4. Create directory for temporary updates only writable by root in /usr/local/uvscan/dat-updates
  5. Create group avmail and user avmail
  6. Create spool directory for infected mails and chown to avmail:avmail at /var/spool/avmail/infected
  7. Configure automatic deletion of infected mails after 14 days by copying remove-avmail.cron.daily to /etc/cron.daily
  8. Install ProxSMTP and configure it to start automatically at boot (using the supplied init.d script). ProxSMTP is available at http://memberwebs.com/nielsen/software/proxsmtp/
  9. Use the sample ProxSMTP configuration and modify your MTA configuration to filter mail using ProxSMTP (see ProxSMTP documentation)

Download ush source and binary (version 2005-01-31)

Table Of Contents

NetSet: the network profiles switcher

This Win9X application allows you to easily switch between multiple network profiles. As of 8-8-2005, this application is moved into retired state because it is unlikely to ever see an update again.
More information available at its dedicated page.

Table Of Contents

rwhodwin: the first rwho daemon for Windows.

This Win9X application broadcasts the uptime and system load and is compatible with ruptime(d) and rwho(d) for UNIX. As of 8-8-2005, this application is moved into retired state because it is unlikely to ever see an update again.
More information available at its dedicated page.

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